How do the ladies of Manhattan keep their stylish figures living in a place with more four-star restaurants, celebrity chefs, food carts, bakeries, pizzerias and candy shops than anywhere else on the globe?

Eileen Daspin, award-winning journalist, lifelong dieter, and obsessed foodie, spent a year investigating habits of glamorous Gothamites, from how they think and eat to how they shop and how they order in restaurants. Now, in THE MANHATTAN DIET: Lose Weight While Living a Fabulous Life, she divulges the skinny!

To uncover the secret to the city’s firm abs and glutes, not to mention some crazy-low obesity rates, Daspin interviewed top fitness and nutrition gurus, A-list eaters from Wall Street to Madison Avenue, and as many ninja gym mommies as she could corner. The result is a weight-loss book unlike any other. THE MANHATTAN DIET offers not only a tried-and-true 28-day eating plan but also a fun, voyeuristic peek into the lives of some of New York’s most beguiling women.

Don’t live in Manhattan? Don’t worry. You can be a Manhattan Dieter no matter where you live. It is practical, delicious and easy to follow — chocolate, cheating strategies and recipes from celebrated chefs included.

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