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April 1, 2012

I am wondering about all the health and exercise studies that arrive in my inbox on a regular basis.  Today alone I got:  Junk food linked with depression risk; Junk food main cause of obesity; diabetics who exercise are more mobile; shorter, more intense workouts may be healthier, sitting linked to shortened lifespan; gastric bypass as diabetes cure give false hope; complicated link between diets soda, health; chocolate celebrated for potential health benefits. Who is doing all the studying and to what end? Are any of them remotely valid? Or sponsored by interested parties? And what if they are valid? Are they telling us anything we don’t know already? Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, whole foods, but not too much of them; make sure to get protein, cut down on processed sugar; eliminate processed foods; organic is better than non; alcohol not a great idea; lots of H20 is. I may have left something out, but nothing really important. And I didn’t need a study. I just sat here and thought for about 2 minutes.

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